This is LOA - Live on Acid Mixtape

To provide the soundtrack for our most recent FAYSOV drop we caught up with Matt Derengowski and Anthony Savell, an electronic music duo called Live on Acid, based in Manchester, UK.

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What is the Live on Acid origin story?

We’ve been friends for a while - we met through a mutual friend when I [Anthony] moved to Manchester in 2013. We then discovered we both have a love for electronic music and playing with synthesizers and drum machines and gradually that formed into Live on Acid - I think some of Matt’s friends had challenged each other to finish a track in the next 6 months, Matt told me about it and so we took on the challenge. It took us a while to find our sound but here we are - our first single Hype/Reality released on 23 April this year with a couple more (Disco Evolver and M.F.A. to follow soon)

Anthony, tell us about how you got started producing and /or DJing?

I got into DJing from firstly going out to raves and clubs and then in University putting on events. It looked like a lot of fun to be the one choosing what people danced to and when! Although to be fair whilst still in university I was so bad at it that I think I only played in public once or twice! Then in about 2004, I started dabbling in production using Reason and had a DJ residency at a night in Cardiff called Alliance so really improved my DJing and production through that. Then work and life got in the way a bit - as well as the move to Manchester so I had a break of about 10 years before starting the Live on Acid project with Matt.

Who have been your local DJ / Producer influences and why?

There are so many between the two of us as we came at things from different directions and backgrounds - Matt loves the more techno end of things and the pioneers of early electronic music Kraftwerk, Soft Cell etc. And my background was breaks, electro house and some funk/disco edged stuff so we kind of throw all that in a melting pot. 

I think one thing we align on is that timeless and quite lo-fi / underproduced sound of early acid house and rave so local heroes have got to be some of the old Manchester DJs - Jon Da Silva, Mike Pickering, 808  State, A Guy called Gerald etc. Their legacy definitely bleeds into our sound!

What’s the vibe in Manchester now that things are opening up, how hectic are things going to be come summer?

Things are starting to get going and there’s definitely a lot of optimism but obviously venues have been hit hard over the last year and there’s still a lot of uncertainty around festivals etc. but it’s great to see open spaces starting to have music back in them and fingers crossed everything keeps trending in the right direction. We’re looking forward to going to Moovin Festival in Stockport and Posthuman’s “I love Acid” night at Gorrilla in Manchester in September.

What's your favourite DJing experience?

The one that really stands out in my mind is feeling under the weather but due to play the back-room of a drum and bass night. One of the other DJs had pulled out so I think it was a 3 or 4 hour set and I really wasn’t feeling it taking the decks to a largely empty room. But I remember looking up a few tunes in and it was wall-to-wall in there a proper sweatbox and really going off! I had to pass a fiver to someone to go to the bar for me as no way could I get out and back before a tune finished. Crazy how sometimes it’s the gigs you least expect - no feeling like that. 200+ sweaty humans in a room dancing to tracks that you’re playing.

Gotta' get those drinks in too! What's your worst DJing experience?

Probably the nights those back rooms stayed empty!! Or maybe my first ever mix out in public - I even remember the tune Beber & Tamra - “You Wonder” (Starecase Remix) [Check it out - helluva tune] I nailed the mix and I was so relieved I looked up, took a sip of beer then pressed “stop” on the wrong deck killing the music - the set pretty much went downhill from there. 

Brutal! Tell us about this mix and why you chose these particular tracks for the latest mixtape?

We wanted to showcase some of the tracks we’ve been creating and also some of the other great music out there and this was our first real - this is who we are and what we do statement in public which is why it’s called “This is LOA” 

They aren’t all new tracks - I think it's easy to disappear down a rabbit hole of trying so hard to be current that you forget to be good. The Avalon Emerson and Planningtorock tracks we just love and Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll has been sampled in so much stuff but not least in Daft Punk’s Da Funk so it’s a little farewell nod to those French Robots as well as a useful disco track to get us into Disco Evolver!.

Your name is Live on Acid, any tripping stories you would like to share?

Ha! Funnily enough I’ve never actually taken LSD so no personal ones - the acid in our name refers to the music, not the drug. But you can’t be around raves and ravers without picking up a few stories so…  maybe the time that my DJ partner in crime (at the time) was in Fabric in London and was convinced that everyone’s faces were made of wax and were melting like candles  - probably the result of a dodgy pint!

Will acid ever die?

Just like hardcore it’ll only ever multiply! I think that bubbly sound of the 303 on a repetitive beat is so iconic and it’s so hard to describe the effect it has over a loud system to a crowd of people who want to lose themselves on a dancefloor so, no I don’t think that sound is disappearing soon!

What's your prediction for 2021? (Can be anything)

We can all go out and party safely to see in 2022 and put the last 2 years well behind us and in the  bin - and hopefully Live on Acid are headlining that party somewhere! Here’s to a return to normal!!

How can we find out more about you?

Our debut single Hype/Reality is available everywhere you buy, stream or download music from (including our bandcamp page). Disco Evolver is available to preorder on our Bandcamp with instant access to the “Acid Disco Edit” and then releases across all digital streaming/download platforms on 9th July. 

To stay up to date with gig news and our releases then please follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages

This is LOA - Track List

Hungry Child (Makeness Remix) - Hot Chip

No Better Angels - Live on Acid

Poodle Power- Avalon Emerson

Ether 320 - Live on Acid

Jam Fam (Maxi Version) - planningtorock

Hype/Reality- Live on Acid

Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll - Vaughan Mason & Crew

Disco Evolver (Disco Rocks VIP Edit) - Live on Acid

Disrespect (Ripperton's Hoola Hoop Club Mix) - Crowdpleaser